August 12, 2015

Since when, Hillary?

Big Brother style image for an above the law candidate.
Democrats want equality for all, just maybe a little bit extra for the ruling class (i.e. them).  Since when does someone have the option to agree to turn something over to the FBI?
Hillary Rodham Clinton’s attorney has agreed to provide the FBI with the private server that housed her e-mail during her four years as secretary of state, Clinton’s presidential campaign said Tuesday.

Her attorney also has agreed to give agents a thumb drive containing copies of thousands of e-mails that Clinton had previously turned over to the State Department.
Must be nice to have the power to decide what you feel like sharing with authorities. Just like it must be nice to be able to operate rogue, outside of rules that had, say Condoleeza Rice, done this you'd have had a meltdown Hillary. There's no evidence that equal means equal to Democrats

And was the delay purposeful and just enough to get some privately contracted experts in there to delete anything incriminating?

Exit question for Hillary supporters: How do you sleep at night? Or, have you just been so hoodwinked you can't even tell anymore? The latter question actually, is aimed at Democratic voters in general.

Exit Question II: Is the term "agreed" just the Washington Post's way of minimizing the problem and making Hillary look magnanimous in the face of unreasonable doubt?


  1. 'Agreed' in the sense of 'I agree to give this to you in order to keep you from breaking down my door with a SWAT team.'


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