August 4, 2015

Joe Biden his time?

Joe Biden, is he running against Hillary? Maybe yes, maybe no. Speculation runs both ways.
The vice-president, who has twice mounted runs for the White House, signaled he was still open to exploring a third presidential bid this weekend when longtime aide Josh Alcorn joined the Draft Biden Pac. This was the first official link between Biden’s close-knit circle of loyalists and the effort mounted by fans of the vice-president to encourage him to jump into the 2016 campaign.

Those close to Biden emphasized to the Guardian this week that the vice-president has still not made a decision about whether to run for president. Instead, they noted that Alcorn’s move should be read as a signal that Biden hasn’t ruled out a run and that his supporters should not yet sign on with other campaigns.
Biden it appears is holding his decision until September. That seems like it's too late to start. But who knows what's going on behind the scenes? He could be quietly preparing, under cover of a White House that's run by the leader of the Democrat-no-fan-of-Hillary-Clinton-club, president Obama.

Biden 2016? I'm skeptical. He may feel Hillary is unstoppable. He may feel he's missed his window. He may not see Hillary's vulnerabilities, having twice been bested by what many thought were also-rans. It would be interesting to see how Biden might shake up the race. Would he steal votes from Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders? Or maybe both? While I don't think he's ultimately going to run, I think it would be enough to shake up the race if he did.


  1. As far as stealing votes, I saw a poll today that had Hillary down by ten since the previous poll and Biden & Sanders splitting that ten between them.

  2. A nice three way knock down, drag out fight would be excellent.


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