August 12, 2015

Hillary - A private email server in the face of Chinese hacking?

Why?  Did you not know any better or just not care?  In case you hadn't heard, Hillary Clinton ran a private email server during her tenure at State. What she did is possibly outside of government rules governing such activity.  Perhaps it's even outside the law.

Firstly if you listen to the explanations of how the emails were set up, handled and managed, it seems convoluted and inefficient.  Either she's okay with inefficiency, or else she had specific reasons to do this despite the unnecessary complexity.  Please note - I am specifically implying nefarious reasons. If she had good reasons, we'd already know about it.

But beyond that, with the repeated evidence of Chinese hacking doesn't it just seem like a dangerous and unnecessary national security risk?

It seems kinda risky to me. It seems kinda not-ready-for-prime-time.  It seems kinda self-before-country. Frankly it seems illegal, dishonest and disgusting.


  1. Add to your analysis the fact that the Clintons are notoriously cheap. When Bill was Gov. of Arkansas, Hillary donated Bill's used underwear for a tax write off.

    After grubbing for money their entire lives, do you think they would spend their own money to set up a server, when a government email was free for the asking?

    Hillary didn't want what she was doing (favors for cash, Foundation donations for favors, influence in where gov't & Foundation funds were spent, kickbacks, sales of US uranium to Russia, etc.) to ever be made public.


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