August 3, 2015

Embrace thine enemy

No, it's not Biblical, it's a complaint.   After president Obama embraced Cuba, and made a deal with Iran, it looks like next on his list is the remains of Hugo Chavez' Venezuela.  Chavez may be dead, but the Venezuelan economy is still gasping for air.  Obama may be about to perform CPR.
The Obama administration’s charm offensive with unfriendly states has rolled through Myanmar, Iran and Cuba. Next stop: Venezuela. Just months after the administration declared Venezuela a threat to U.S. national security, it’s working to improve relations, driven by concern that upheaval there could destabilize the region.

State Department officers have been meeting quietly with officials in the leftist government of President Nicolas Maduro since April to develop what Secretary of State John Kerry has called “a normal relationship.”

The outreach is another test of President Barack Obama’s 2009 inaugural pledge to “extend a hand” to repressive and corrupt regimes if they are “willing to unclench” their fists.

Falling oil prices, plummeting foreign reserves, a 68.5 percent inflation rate and growing political tensions are battering Venezuela. There’s enough at stake that even a Justice Department probe into the alleged drug ties of the lead Venezuelan in the talks hasn’t derailed the diplomacy.
North Korea must be looking at this wondering what they need to do to ensure financial aid from America.

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