August 16, 2015

Clinton Math

Here's what I surmise the Hillary Clinton calculus is on the growing emailgate
(1) Do what you want, when you want, how you want, regardless of whether there are legal or moral issues with it.
(2) Cover it up.
(3) If Step 2 is successful, move on.  If not, ensure that any investigation or other public image issues happen at least 15 months prior to the election for president.
(4) Depend on the media that you don't really care for, to carry your water and declare it a dead issue long before the election occurs. So that any question of it down the road can be portrayed as sour grapes, or political ploys.
(5) Swat down Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden et. al. 6-12 months before the election.
(6) Republicans don't matter, accept the presidency in due course.
I said calculus. Well, the whole thing seems very derivative of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. So, there.

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