May 5, 2015

The hole in us

The Texas shooters included a convert to Islam that everyone should have seen coming, and it speaks volumes to the hole in Christianity, which is us. Not America, not the West, but Christians.
The attorney who once defended one of two men who opened fire at a “Draw Muhammad” event in Texas on Sunday says she was “shocked” to learn that he was involved in the attack.

According to Sitton, Simpson didn’t come from a Muslim family and didn’t convert to Islam until he was in high school. “He said he was running with a bad crowd in high school—smoking, drinking and stuff,” she said. “He said Islam got him away from that stuff.”
Have we become too insular and busy preaching to the choir to reach out where need to do so?  Have we abandon the cultural war for the souls of humanity?  It sure feels that way, at least in this case.  But I do believe this case is symptomatic of a broader problem.

What Elton Simpson says Islam did for him, Christianity should have done. The opportunity was there.  And subsequently, it would almost certainly not have led to Jihad.  A vulnerable youth - first with drugs, then with Jihad, could have been saved.  We should not have let that happen.

As an aside - a liberal judiciary did nothing to help the situation either. After a considerable amount of evidence, he was given probation, despite being flagged as a threat:
Judge Murguia—an Obama appointee on what is often considered to be the most left-leaning appeals court in the country—found that there was insufficient evidence that Simpson’s false statement to authorities involved international terrorism.

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