May 6, 2015

Is anyone surprised Al Jazeera America might harbor anti-Americanism?

Apparently, yes.
Last week it was a $15 million wrongful termination lawsuit claiming a senior executive repeatedly expressed an anti-America, anti-Semitic and anti-woman bias plus the exits of the EVPs for Human Resources and Communications that hit the Qatar-backed news network. Today, another top executive headed for the door...

Mary McGinnis told staff in an email Monday that she has decided to resign because she could not “support the decisions or direction set forth by him (Shihabi) and the Al Jazeera Media Network would be welcome to leave.” The veteran CBS News employee joined AJAM as SVP of Newsgathering in July 2013 just before its August launch. McGinnis became SVP of Corporate Outreach for AJAM back in March.
Apparently yet again, we have anecdotal proof that CBS executives can be fooled. Is it okay to say we told you so when you decided to join the network?

I wonder what Al Gore thinks of all this at the network to which he sold his television empire? Actually, no I don't.

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