November 5, 2012

Is it nail biting time?

With less than 24 hours until the polls open, it's nail-biting time for conservatives.  Despite the knowledge that the polls are oversampling Democrats and our heads telling us that the left will be the ones in shock tomorrow night, we still can't bring ourselves to believe that Romney should win.  The left meanwhile is walking around in a self-deluded cloudy air of confidence that they have it in the bag.  Romney is toast.

Frankly, I'd rather be biting my nails than be that deluded.  I'm biting my nails (figuratively only) because I worry that on the right, maybe we are the ones who are deluded.  Maybe all those skewed polls are right.  That ultimately I think works in our favor for getting those on the fence intensity voters out for Romney.  Obama voters if they swallow that team Obama bravado may feel less a sense of urgency to vote.

While I think in my head, Romney should win big, my doubt is keeping me nervous.

Here are a few quick thoughts on possible outcomes from the election.

-if Romney wins the popular vote and Obama wins the electoral college, I WILL NOT demand a removal of the electoral college.  It was put in place for a reason by the founders and it's not about "electors" it's about the notion of the contests in 50 states having 50 meaningful races.

-if Obama loses we'll see everything from racism to Hurricane Sandy blamed.  It won't be Obama's fault in any way shape or form - according to the left.

-if Obama wins, a lot of people on the right will be tempted to give up and look for another country to be the champion of freedom and opportunity.  Don't.  No such beast exists.

-if Romney loses, conservative voters will have a lot of work to do, not least of which is figuring out a better way to select an electable candidate.  Reagans don't come along often, we can't wait for one to magically appear.  That's a recipe for more failure.

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