January 10, 2012

Rush Limbaugh drinks the Romney Kool Aid

99.7% of the time?
There's a lot of things going on in the Republican race right now, and a lot of surprises are going to occur - that's to be expected.  However, the one thing I would never have expected is Rush Limbaugh aligning with Mitt Romney.  In going after Newt Gingrich he has done exactly that.

Rush Limbaugh is a paragon of conservative values, particularly when it comes to the issues of individual liberty and free market capitalism. . If Mitt Romney were not leading and likely to win the Republican nomination, I'm not sure Rush Limbaugh would react to the Newt Gingrich attacks on Romney as he did.

Nevertheless after Newt Gingrich went after Romney for his involvement with Bain Capital;
Now, one of the things that you have to say that is happening here is (whether he intends it or not) we're finding out some things about Newt that we didn't know. We're finding out that he looks at "these rich guys," six rich guys, and they have an obligation. He sounds like Elizabeth Warren. Elizabeth Warren is this Harvard professor, who is running for Scott Brown's Senate seat in Massachusetts who had the disparaging comments for the nameless factory owner...

I don't understand why the Occupy Wall Street crowd is protesting Newt. They're singing from the same hymnal on this. This is right out of the New York Times. Newt is parroting what the New York Times is writing about Romney on this: Six rich guys taking over. "But, if we identify capitalism with rich guys looting companies..." Folks, it is clear here (to me, anyway) what's really going on. This is not a campaign for the presidency. That's not what this is anymore. This is payback time. This is Newt. It drove him nuts that series of ads the Romney super PAC ran against him in Iowa, and this is the result of it. That's why we are where we are.
Wow.  I understand Rush defending the free market, including venture capitalism, and I understand Gingrich has made mistakes over time. But is he really on the same song sheet as Occupy Wall Street?  It's one of the first times I've I looked at (or listened to) one of Rush's statement and thought "What the hell?"  Sure Rush is being true to capitalism, but the slurring of Gingrich as being OWS-like is just over the top.

This is a campaign and people are either going to go after each other or they aren't really in the race.  A Romney PAC savaged Newt, and Newt had to respond with whatever he could leverage.  Did Rush expect Newt to roll over and take it?  If so, would he really have any respect for Gingrich? I wouldn't.  

What's worse is that Rush is playing right into the Romney game.  Romney wants the disparaging to be aimed at his competitors and not him.  By savaging Gingrich, Newt, deliberately or not, has drank the Romney Kool Aid.  A Romney cake walk to the nomination does not help Romney and it does not prep him for the savaging he WILL take from the Democrats.  They want to face Romney.  They're ready for him, and he's not ready for them.  And of course Romney is not the best flag-bearer for conservatism - he's a flip-flopper whom most conservatives will only begrudgingly support once all other options have been exhausted.  Let's not jump the gun Rush.

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