July 30, 2011

Milton Friedman: pure genius

Milton Friedman in 1980 explained why pretty much everything President Obama is doing today, is wrong.  His genius was profound.  While there are scores of great economic thinkers today, sadly, the ones who get noticed, are the likes of uber-liberal Paul Krugman.  It makes Friedman's accomplishments all the more impressive in an era prior to the Internet, Drudge and Fox News that he could have risen to notoriety reserved today for only left-leaning economic thinkers.

Milton Friedman: Why soaking the rich won't work. I guess Barack Obama didn't watch Phil Donahue that day.  

Doing good means leaving people alone.

Freedom versus fairness.

And to top off his genius, he gets the nod of approval from Ronald Reagan. (For more on Milton Friedman's Free to Choose, search Saturday Learning Series or Free To Choose on this blog).

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