July 26, 2011

Debt Ceiling: Tim Pawlenty Says

The Des Moines Register on Tim Pawlenty's take on things;
“This is one of those line-in-the-sand moments” for Republicans, Pawlenty said. “Now it’s time for our team to walk the walk. We need to get something, some real meaningful structural reform.”

Pawlenty said that Obama offered a “false premise” by saying the government had no choice but to raise the debt ceiling or default on its payments. He said the government has the cash flow “for a while” to pay its bills in priority order, which would buy time to make actual spending cuts.

“Eventually you run out of money, but what you do is you buy yourself a bunch of time to have the debate about real reform,” he said....

Like many GOP presidential candidates, Pawlenty has said he supports the “cut, cap and balance” pledge, which calls for cutting federal spending, placing enforceable spending caps on the federal government and adopting a constitutional amendment that would require the government to balance its budget each year...

“I’ve been in favor of this approach,” Pawlenty said. “I no longer believe in the people we send to Washington, D.C., to balance the budget.”

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