January 15, 2011

Conservative NFL picks

I haven't got much time to post today, but I thought I'd talk a little bit about the NFL playoffs.  Specifically today's games - GB vs. Atlanta and Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore.  After much deliberation, weigh offenses versus defenses and point spreads etc., I've decided to keep it simple instead.  I'm going to make my picks based on who has the more conservative home state.

Based on that Green Bay Wisconsin is in a less conservative state than Atlanta Georgia, so I have to go with Atlanta.  Baltimore Maryland is in a historically less conservative state than Pittsburgh Pennsylvania so I have to take the Steelers in that game.  Let's see how that works out.  

Tomorrow when I have to pick New England vs. Jets and Chicago versus Seattle, I may have to switch it up to least liberal state or my head will explode.

Exit point: I just remembered that Rush Limbaugh used to make environmentalist picks (or perhaps still does, I can't listen as often as I used to listen)  based on the competing team logos.  The derivative nature of this post was unintended.


  1. Where do you get that Baltimore, which is in Maryland, is more conservative than Pennsylvania?

  2. Oops. Good point Matt. I fixed my pick based on your comment. Which is good, because I prefer the Steelers anyway.

    I was actually thinking of the Baltimore Colts and then I was thinking back when the Colts were in Indiana. That was a couple of team moves ago. Showing my age...


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