August 18, 2010

Conservative palate cleanser

On my other (occasional) blog The Uncool Whip, I recently posted about Nancy Pelosi's bizarre endorsement of the idea of ferreting out who is nefariously funding the anger over the Ground Zero mosque. Not who is funding the mosque. In her world view, the problem is the people who have a problem with the mosque's insensitivity. If that's not pretzel logic, I'm not sure what is. And earlier today I posted here about Andy Ostroy's liberal anger and the contagion that it is.

A bizarre world view and anger at those who don't share it. The NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committee) has the cleanser for the conservative palate.

That's better.


  1. Obama is all about the Muslims having a place to gather and gloat about the destruction of the towers.

  2. Well he certainly isn't about the solemnity and sanctity of Ground Zero.

    It's not about freedom of religion it's about respecting others. The GZ mosque clearly is about a Muslim agenda ahead of sensitivities of those affected by a terrible tragedy.


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