July 28, 2010

France is expelling its illegals

France is further along the immigration path than America.  10% of it's population is Muslim, and the percentage is growing.  In the United States, about 7% of the census population is Mexican (2002).  But the nation of origin is not important.  In fact, it's Eastern European Gypsy immigrants the Sarkozy government is expelling.  This despite the claims in that country of the racism of such actions.

Sarkozy seems unfazed.
Sarkozy called a government meeting Wednesday after Roma clashed with police this month after the shooting death of a gypsy youth fleeing officers in the Loire Valley.
Sarkozy said those responsible for the clashes would be "severely punished" and ordered the government to expel all illegal Roma immigrants, almost all of whom have come from eastern Europe.
 Meanwhile in the U.S., Arizona can't enforce federal immigration law. It makes you wonder what sort of decisions were being made in the dying years of Rome.  And one can't help but wonder if France gets this, why don't Americans - or at least the judges?

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