November 28, 2008

Reagan versus Obama

When you look at philosophy versus empty platitudes, compare these speeches. One is full of ideas, the other full of slogans. I bet you can guess which is which.

He talks about 'meaningful change' but defines specifics like poverty, climate change, and nuclear weapons in vague terms. He is specific only on Iraq, and that the moment is now.

Contrast that versus this;

Let's see - government IS the problem (implying by getting in the way). He points out the uniqueness of American opportunity, and gives specific examples in the flaws of logic of more centralized government power. He argues about the governments job being to provide opportunity not smother it. He gets specific on goals about taxes, government spending and ties in the platitudes of courage faith and hope to how America will strengthen ties to allies and to stand courageously against foes.

I could have taken other speeches for either man, but the point remains pretty much consistent. Obama speaks in slogans, Reagan spoke in ideas. It's the same as always ideas versus emotions. And for Republicans it's the same old problem - emotion is an easy sale, ideas require much more effort to sell because education and outreach are mandatory precursors to the selling process.

And that ties in to my other argument about outreach - the ground work has to start now.

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