November 21, 2008

Because words matter - take back the language

One thing I have to give the Left credit for is how they manage to mold the debate by framing the premise of the debate through effective use of words.

Look at Pro-choice. This is America - how can anybody be against choice. On the Right we are for school choice, how can we be against another type of choice? Aren't we being un-American on this? Well no, but being against choice is inherently un-American. So how do we lose on school choice? Well, the debate isn't framed around that. It's framed around school competency. Why aren't we getting the word choice out there in that context more effectively? A big part is the swimming upstream we have to do against the main stream media. It's like trying to swim up the Mississippi.

But we do not help ourselves when we blindly fall into debating on liberal terms (literally). An example of this for the right revolves around Iraq. It's still called the War in Iraq. But is it really a war? For that matter, is it really an occupation? It's not. What is going on today is more of a security issue. That is how we should be framing the debate (or what's left of the debate). What is going on is a rebuilding process that is reminiscent of the Marshall Plan for post WW II Japan and Europe. Would anyone even on the left, consider those efforts a failure, immoral, or even unworthy goals? If they do, not only should you question their sincerity, you should question their morality and/or sanity. So why not call it the Rebuilding of Iraq?

Why not give Obama the breathing room to keep the forces there until we can safely get out? My guess though, is that the left will beat us to that punch and then take credit for the rebuilding that they will say never really got started under Bush. Remember their line of thinking - repeat the lie often enough and people will start to believe it.

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