July 11, 2024

They're telling straight up lies

Who believes this garbage?


  1. It IS designed to keep "americans" that are not citizens of the United States from voting. It is also designed to keep any person from any other country that is not a citizen of the United States from voting in a US election.

    Until people stop calling US citizens, "Americans," the Democrats are going to keep trying to make it okay for people from the 35 "american" countries to vote in the US.

    No, Dean, we do not want the americans from Canada to vote in our elections, either, but you can get a free pass as soon as you get your butt down here.

    1. No argument here Paul. I just can't believe how lax voting rules are in America. In our part of "america", Photo ID is required to vote. We have paper ballots. Until recently ballots were hand counted (now we have machines, not a fan). There are flaws in our system too, but it is unbelievable that non-citizens have a real shot at voting legally or illegally in the United States. (Also, dead people.)


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