June 19, 2024

Vote early

Vote early (not vote often). The Democrats have developed this 'last word' approach to vote counting.  What they have done is encouraged as much early voting as possible.  Ostensibly the purpose was to get out the vote, but in reality if there are 200,000 ballots to be counted on election night, and they mysteriously all turn out to be Democrat votes, that's a cheat code. They can rig those late counted mail in votes.

If conservatives vote early too, and the counting is done with transparency, there is no cheat.  In fact if they start counting early, with transparency, there's no waiting a week to hear the Arizona results for example. It's also easier to see if someone voted early and also showed up to vote on election day. 

The RNC is actually working on these things, and more, and they want you to vote early.

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