June 15, 2024

Trump Veepstakes update

With respect to Trump's VP choice in 2016, do you think he chose Pence to shore up his support among evangelicals, or was it to have a non-exciting VP who wouldn't outshine him?  Because if the former is true, Tim Scott might be a good bet.  If he needs to shore up his support among women, there's only one choice on his apparent short list.

The other choices on the list are from safe Republican states and don't do much for Trump in the obvious Electoral College sense. But there is one other possibility; Trump might put together a Dream Team, to really make a difference.  This is his last chance to create a legacy (which for him seems to be that he wants to be the guy who saves America).  In that case a number of people on this list make some sense in certain ways - not just for VP, but for various administrative roles.

Trump has also mentioned that first and foremost it has to be someone who would be a good president in case it came to that.

Let's see what Fox has to say about it:

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