June 17, 2024

Trump IS the ground game

In the Obama years, I used to bemoan the fact that the Republican party seemed to have very little ground game. Despite that issue, Trump was able to win in 2016. Why?  Because Trump is the ground game. While the GOP has been slow to improve, Trump has picked up where he left off in 2020.  It's working better now than in 2020 because people have seen the disaster that is Let's Go Brandon and are awakening, or at least open to the notion that Trump was not as bad as we were told.  Trump is maximizing that opportunity, by going to places where Republicans have previously written off as unwinnable.  

He's not only being the ground game, but doing something even more important; he's expanding the map. You win by playing offense, not defense - especially when playing defense with a weaker hand; the GOP HAS to expand the electoral map. Trump is doing that with remarkable effectiveness.  It's forcing Democrats to play defense.  It's forcing some Democrats into denial.  It's forcing some Democrats into indifference. It's causing some Democrat voters to switch sides.

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