June 15, 2024

It's like watching two toddlers argue astrophysics

Not really, but this video is not as sophisticated as Doug In Exile would have you believe. Yes, there's some good things to note but it's not quite great. Watching a conversation between John Fetterman and Bill Maher is a different thing than it would have been even four years ago. Four years ago it would have been mind numbingly painful, but now it's tolerable.  Don't be mistaken; neither man is about the to jump sides and become a Republican (and probably not even an independent) because the Democrat party has gone full-tilt, off-the-map crazy.  

They are entrenched. Dave Rubin thinks Bill Maher will wake up and see the light one day, drop his Trump Derangement Syndrome and become a conservative. He truly believes Maher is on the edge of doing that. It's not gonna happen.  Maher has some common sense but he still suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome. He still believes Democrats are the party of liberty.  He doesn't believe the radical elements represent the majority of the party.  They are a lunatic fringe in his mind.  On Megyn Kelly he outright denied that Hillary Clinton has been an election denier since 2016 - despite the video evidence otherwise. If he hasn't come around by now, he won't.  He's in too deep to realize he's buying garbage and being told it's gold.  

A lot of people, including Doug In Exile in the video below,  think Fetterman will leave the Democrats. It's not going to happen unless the Democrats end up kicking him out of the party. There's been a lot of talk about Fetterman turning more conservative since he had a stroke. There's several data points showing that to be true. But I don't think he's likely to "leave the plantation", he's more likely to stick it out and try to win from the inside of the democrat tent.  The strategy is doomed to fail, but I'm not opposed to him trying. As is mentioned by Doug In Exile in the video below, the more infighting among Democrats, the better. Democrat disunity and division is definitely a winning formula for conservatives. The longer it goes on, the better.

The whole video is a good watch. At 3:47, Doug In Exile starts making some fantastic points about the left.  They wrap themselves in terms that in action, they actually oppose.

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