June 3, 2024

Department of Defense might have PTSD after this

The DoD posted this for PTSD awareness month, they may end up with PTSD after their stupid mistake (more below).

Those with PTSD who have served their country deserve more respect.  How does the DoD screw up so badly? It's a lack of focus, pure and simple. It's not only disrespectful, it's disgusting.  This is just one more reason why the country needs to get this 2024 election right.  Not only must Trump retake the White House, the country needs a Republican majority in Congress (both the house and senate).  Not just a slight majority, a significant and substantial majority is needed.  

It's the only way the country gets fixed.  The beaurocracy needs to be gutted of the rot and set anew with a focus on serving the people of the nation. Not the 1%, the 99%. That is only achievable with enough of a Republican majority that the RINOs no longer matter.

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