June 11, 2024

DEI down in flames?

The reason DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) is bad is simple.  Diversity of skin color, or religion, or gender, or ethnicity, is not true diversity; diversity of thought is true diversity.  Equity is an amorphous word; equality of opportunity but equity or equality of outcome, is communism. It's anti-progress. And Inclusion can mean anything you want it to mean, which is exactly why we have trans women competing in women's sports. DEI leads to bad outcomes.

I'm all for equality of opportunity, equality in education quality, but not equality of outcome.  I want the best players on my baseball team, not the best players who tick certain ethnic/gender/color/religious boxes. I want the most qualified pilot flying my plane, not the most inclusive-centric pilot.

DEI will eventually collapse in on itself.  Does this development mean it's happening? Not yet, but this helps.  

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