May 9, 2024

Stormy Daniels helped Donald Trump (but also the establishment?)

The case against Donald Trump had three legs to begin with: leftist judge, leftist prosecutor and leftist jury. Those legs inevitably would be removed after the almost certain, needed appeal.   But Stormy Daniels has reduced the chances that there would be a decision against Trump to begin with:

This after one of the other cases against Trump was indefinitely postponed for prosecutorial malfeasance or misconduct.

But how does this all help the establishment? If Trump walks away from all of these cases unscathed, it could be seen as a victory for justice, blinding people to all of the injustice that preceded these positive outcomes.  We don't need to destroy the swamp, justice prevailed.  

They are probably hoping for that positional outcome among voters (or at least enough voters to ensure the establishment remains the establishment). They can maintain their grip on the levers of power and the beaurocracy if Trump wins. In fact that may now be the real goal behind this lawfare against Trump, given that they were swaying public opinion in the opposite direction to their original goals.

If that's the case, it become incumbent upon Trump when he wins the election, to not cave to the establishment and go easy on these governing institutional beaurocracies.  Instead, he will need to double down and pull a Javier Milei and gut the bloated, self-serving government departments, and change, in law, the rules around voting mechanisms to ensure there is no mass-scale cheating in elections. This will be his one chance to stop it and he is going to need a lot of support in the senate and congress to do so.

There is a true urgency to this, as Americans it is also incumbent upon the people to not let what has been happening slide just because Trump wins these cases and eventually because he wins the election.  This next presidential term will be the time to force real, effective change in government.

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