May 6, 2024

Dumbest idea ever

If the below post on X is true, Jack Smith is either looking to help the rest of the GOP in addition to Donald Trump in the 2024 elections, or destroy his own case. It's the dumbest idea ever.

Indicting nearly an entire political party's representation in Congress is political suicide for Democrats and career suicide for Jack Smith. The absurdity of it is beyond comprehension . The optics are ridiculous heading into an election. Going after Trump on trumped up charges (pardon the pun) was bad enough, but trying to sideline an entire political party during an election year is a glaring example of someone drunk on power. It's not just Jack Smith who will catch flak for this, the Democrats as a whole, will be blamed for allowing this to continue.

Will it fire up the Democrats base?  Maybe the most fringe and radical elements yes, but it will more and more make the Democrat party look ridiculous partisan hacks.  Undecided voters are likely to decide against further enabling this madness.  This will ultimately do more harm than good for Democrats. Keep in mind that Let's Go Brandon's attorney general, Merrick Garland appointed Jack Smith.  This goes straight back to Let's Go Brandon ultimately and it will be obvious. It's also obvious that the White House is in a panic now. This is a desperate Hail Mary sort of move.

Then again, the dumbest idea ever coming from this administration is not a stretch.  They hold a good portion of the Top 10 dumbest ideas ever in American politics.

There are a couple of other possibilities here.

(1) This is not true. It's very possible this is either a made up story, something the left loves to do and then push as fact is not beyond the realm of possibility. Some fever dream from a liberal media pundit somehow became a fangirl fiction story. Or alternatively it's some sort of trial balloon to see if there is an appetite for proceeding on the left.

(2) Jack Smith is in it for Jack Smith. He can argue after a big Democrat loss in 2024 that he was the only one willing to take it to the Republicans during the election.  He was trying to do the right thing and the Democratic party did not give him enough support to succeed.  It might make a good campaign for Governor or the Senate or some similar role (personally, I think a governor role is most likely what he's after). It's possible, and I'm sure Jack Smith has political aspirations, but to me that's not what's motivating this, for him I'm sure he sees it a positive side benefit.

(3) Donald Trump is playing 4D chess. Jack Smith knows this will fail horribly but is proceeding anyway because he is a double agent, who is trying to help Trump win by showing how dreadfully horribly awful Democrats are and how far they are willing to go to win at any cost. That would be remarkable but not likely.  Trump is a shrewd politician and good for America, but he's not that evil-genius super villain level 4D chess player. 

Regardless, unless this is not a real story, this does not end well for Democrats. It's so patently banana republic level politics that it craters their support for a long time to come. I almost wish in that sense, that it turns out to be true.  But it's one of those be careful what you wish for situations because politics is never perfectly predictable. 

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