January 29, 2024

Glenn Greenwald: Trump killed the Ukraine bill

This was going to be a straight pass-through of Glenn Greenwald's take on Trump being responsible for congress not passing the bill to use $60B for Ukraine. But I want to add a few thoughts of my own before sharing Greenwald's take.

My take on Ukraine support is this; Russia needs to be stopped.  More precisely, Putin needs to be stopped. BUT, not at all costs. And I'm certainly not in favor of unfettered money being spent on Ukraine when America is facing a border crisis of massive proportions and nothing is being done about that. America is struggling with a debt crisis and nothing is being done about that.  America is facing hidden inflation, a looming recession and nothing seems to be being done about those things either.

There are smarter ways to deal with Putin's imperialism. NATO should contribute more. Europe is far more at risk than America, and should be shouldering the brunt of the cost and effort.  Then there are the banking systems that can be used to  choke Russian access to international markets (as opposed to targeted mini-embargos).  

As for Congress, why meekly submit to an agreement without some pushback? Make Let's Go Brandon back off Texas. Demand border wall funding and construction timetables that, if not adhered to, stop the funds to Ukraine.  That, as a bare minimum.  Add 20 other demands. Negotiate from a point of strength.  This all seems so obvious.  At least Congress was smart enough to say no.  It's a start.

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