December 8, 2023

What's Next in the Hunter Biden charges? (Part 2 of 2)

Answering my headline question in two words, Gavin Newsom.  Previously I mentioned that as the charges against Hunter Biden stack up and become more and more concrete and eventually become irrefutable, expect the Let's Go Brandon administration to mount a campaign of obstruction to stop the GOP and others from compiling evidence, stacking charges and/or making any headway whatsoever. They could succeed, but if they don't, it could be worse, much worse.

Tomi Lahren explains my biggest concern:

Let's Go Brandon, outside of a massive election fraud, cannot win the 2024 election. Many Democrats know this. They have two options, assist in the stonewalling as they have for the past 4 years, or cut him loose. If the charges proceed with sudden Democrat 'support', it means they want Gavin Newsom to face president Trump instead of Let's Go Brandon. That's because despite Newsom's horrible, terrible, terrifically bad record in California, and him arguably being the worst governor in the history of California, he's slick. 

Slick doesn't fool Xi Jinping, or many Americans, it fools enough of them to sometimes win elections. Newsom is as slick as he is awful. And there's one thing Democrats love, it's slick.  Barack Obama was slick. "Slick Willy" was Rush Limbaugh's truly apt nickname for Bill Clinton.

President Trump has to win in 2024.  America cannot withstand another Democrat, deep-state, corrupt, selfish, politically driven administration. Gavin Newsom for all his faults, is a less well-known commodity. He has many advantages as a candidate over Let's Go Brandon. He even has many advantages as a candidate over president Trump; he's more polished (which matters to many voters), he's more articulate which give allows him to sidestep debate or interviewer questions rather than answering them (that's slick). Gavin Newsom would definitely outperform Let's Go Brandon, and in 2024 with all the nefarious voting oddities to come, president Trump will need every possible advantage to win.  Despite his popularity, despite his leads in swing states, somehow this election will end up being questionably close, just like 2020.  The biggest advantage president Trump has right now is the resolute awfulness of Let's go Brandon himself.  I say let's keep that in our back pocket.

I'm not saying the charges and investigations into Hunter Biden should be dropped.  They are yet another albatross around the neck of Let's Go Brandon.  I'm saying they need to be done on a precise schedule.  They should not be slow-walked through Congress, but neither should they be rushed.  The findings, the charges, the convictions, the linkage to Let's Go Brandon all need to be timed in such a way that Democrats do not feel an urgency to replace Let's Go Brandon on the ticket at any point along the way until it's too late to do so. The progress should not derail Let's Go Brandon's re-nomination.  The culmination of linkage of money between Hunter Biden and Let's Go Brandon should not happen right after the primary season either. It has to wait until Brandon's name is on the ballot in most states - at least the swing states.  That will prevent Democrats from pulling the old switcharoo on America. 

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