July 20, 2023

Justin Trudeau is ruining Canadian cities

Canada for decades has had basically an open door immigration policy. There has been a rationale behind it; Canada's birth rate is not keeping up with replacement rate requirements. This has been a common problem in industrialized nations (originally Western nations but it has spread, it's an industrial disease). In order to compensate for the problem, Canada has increased immigration levels. Both liberal and conservative governments have either explicitly approved or tacitly allowed it to happen.

Under conservative prime minister Stephen Harper it was reformed to ensure that skilled labor was given a preferential shake at citizenship. Bringing people in with no skill, no common language ability, and with questionable backgrounds makes ZERO sense. I'm looking at you Let's Go Brandon. But even this reform did not stem the tide or put sufficient control in place to manage it.

Now Justin 'blackface' Trudeau is letting people in just because it's the woke thing to do. He may in fact be the King of all Woke (and we all know, woke = ignorant). But it's even worse with Justin Trudeau, his policies are not only bad for demography and the economy; he's making others pay the bill he's running up, quite literally. He's not the only one who contributed to this problem, but he's the worst offender so far.

Toronto's mayor, a socialist, and Ontario provincial premier, a conservative have both demanded Justin Trudeau step up.  That's saying something; across the political spectrum, they see Trudeau as a failure on immigration. He of course won't step up, it's never been in his nature to do the right thing.

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