July 13, 2023

Data doesn't lie, except when it does

This is about something far greater than Francesca Gino, or even academia, but let's start there. Erstwhile Harvard University professor, Francesca Gino, and a highly touted one at that, who has some very impressive research papers under her belt, that turns out, have probably been faked.  Pete Judo on YouTube breaks down the details in his video Academia is broken (below).  

"Follow the science", "data doesn't lie", "the (climate change) debate is over", "elections aren't tampered with", "take the vaccine". All of that comes into question - if you can't trust the data, you can't trust the science; garbage in, garbage out.  The implications of dishonesty in academia go well beyond academia.  This one specific example helps lie waste to the whole notion of Trust Us.  

Dr. Fauci was probably lying, very often during COVID. Even if he wasn't, everything should be questioned anyway. Trust the science is a bogus notion anyway; the premise of science is to question everything, even your own results.

Academia is broken far beyond just Francesca Gino.  Regardless of whether there is a lot more fake data out there (and there no doubt is), the problem is a rotting system that demands and rewards startling results.  That's an environment that attracts and/or promotes charlatans. It's an environment that invites liars and provides a breeding ground for half-truths (like socialism). 

It doesn't get better; academia will of course fix the specific problems - the ones that get caught.  But it is under no pressure to reform itself.  It's typically subsidized by those who seek the outcomes often only falsehoods can provide.

Of course the same is true of big government; lead with the result you want and find or fabricate data to justify it.  I'm looking at you climate change. And unemployment statistics. Going after president Trump incessantly for made up crimes while ignoring the real ones made by those you embrace. 

It spreads out even to businesses like Anheuser Busch. Lead with the social governance inclusivity crap and then justify it afterwards. Lie about your intentions. Lying after the fact is just fine, it'll be great.

And now trust is gone.  Our trust as a society has been abused and now it's gone.  If it doesn't get fixed soon, Western society will crumble. Socialists wringing their hands with glee at that prospect should think twice.  Without liberty and justice for all, the world will plummet into another dark age, rife with crime, fascist dictatorial fiefdoms, and the slow but incessant decay of modern technology and industry.  In other words humanity will be set back by centuries.

We will have ourselves to blame for our complacency in not combatting this devolution.  We allowed our children to go to school to be brainwashed into groupthink. We ignored the problems in government at our own peril.  We trusted.  We were wrong.  Ronald Reagan warned us in a broader sense than just with regards to the Soviet Union when he said "trust, but verify".

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