June 23, 2023

Why "follow the science" makes no sense

The problem with the whole notion of "follow the science" and if you don't your a denier, a luddite, a fascist far-right nazi is that it's wrong.  Science itself is not supposed to follow the science.  The scientific method is to propose a hypothesis and test it.

If we followed the science in the era of Christopher Columbus, we might still think the world was flat.  Science is meant to question itself.  If Albert Einstein didn't think for himself we wouldn't have a more advanced alternative to Newtonian physics.

We HAVE to question the science, not follow it.  Any scientist who thinks otherwise, or says otherwise, any politician who says otherwise, guaranteed, has an agenda; be it climate change, vaccines or whatever else inevitably comes along that ends up getting leveraged for some agenda.

The more you lean into not questioning anything, the more you end up with cognitive bias. That is the point society has reached, prior to the change we are starting to see now. Many people are waking up to reality.  The frog in the slowly boiling pot of water may have finally realized what is happening to it. 

This nine year old, but still highly relevant video, shows the impact of cognitive bias on thought processes and a sure fire way to avoid falling into that trap.

As Bill Burr so comically put it in one of his routines, "how come you can't ask questions"? That's exactly what we should be doing as human beings, always. Otherwise we will all end up as a cog in someone's agenda, and that agenda could be quite nefarious.

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