June 24, 2023

The five laws of stupidity: more relevant now than ever

This theory has profound implications to today's society.  Watch the video, it has immense relevance, some of which I touch on below the video. 

If you think of Democrats (and establishment Republicans) as the bandits, clueless voters as the helpless and those we regard as useful idiots as the stupid people, with a small proportion of society as the intelligent people, it really starts to make sense. He mentions that the intelligent people drifting into the bandit quadrant as how societies fall apart, that makes a lot of sense too.

The question is, what can be done about it? Can stupid be fixed? Can helpless people be made aware and hopefully moved into the intelligent quadrant?  I think the latter is what we on the right are trying to do by establishing a more pervasive common sense. But is it enough? Are there enough?

The bandits would like to see as many people in both the helpless quadrant as possible because they are easier to victimize and provide profit.  They are constantly feeding the pipeline to helpless.  Inadvertently, they are creating more stupid people which long term hurts even them. Smart bandits should realize this, and perhaps some do. 

Perhaps the best way to deal with the downward spiral of society is to predict bandit behavior. Speaking about the smart bandits for example, if you know they are trying to skew others towards the helpless quadrant, leverage what they are doing. In this way, you can skew the target audience from moving towards helpless to moving more towards intelligent.  Volunteer to assist, as boots on the ground, in a bandit's effort to make people more helpless but take the opportunity to communicate relevant  information to move the recipients more towards informed intelligence.  All of society benefits from more people of intelligence.  Look at the grid in the quadrants of the video; intelligent people benefit others and themselves.

Yes, it's an uphill battle, it always will be, but it's one worth fighting.


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