June 1, 2023

Project Veritas lashes out at James O'Keefe

On February 20, 2023, James O'Keefe was removed from his leadership position at Project Veritas, under a cloud of suspicious claims that have so far not been proven correct.  What's happened since then?  A fair bit actually.  Most recently, Project Veritas has decided to sue it's founder James O'Keefe because apparently, he's winning:
The right-wing activist group Project Veritas filed a lawsuit Wednesday against its founder, James O'Keefe, alleging he violated his employment agreement by establishing a competing organization and wooing away donors while still on Project Veritas' payroll.

The organization is just butthurt that since his ouster that their YouTube videos have been lacklustre and failing to attract viewers in the numbers it did prior to his forced departure. O'Keefe's new organization, OMG, has not yet established the clout that Project Veritas once had, but it's only a few months old and already pulling in view that rival the substantially diminished Project Veritas. Same too for financial donations, which appear to have slowed substantially at Veritas.  

What did they expect would happen?  I don't know if James O'Keefe was unkind to Veritas employees, but even if he was, it seems like some intermediate step to a coup d'etat would prove wise, unless there were ulterior motives to the plot to remove him, which a lot of people are thinking was the case.

Last month, O'Keefe appeared with Megyn Kelly to talk about what happened, here's his take:

Whatever happens to O'Keefe, Veritas has shot itself in the foot and is probably headed down the same path as Bud Light.

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