August 7, 2022

Comedy vs. cancel culture

Comedy seems to still be the battleground for fighting back against woke cancel culture. Keep in mind, if political correctness defeats comedy then it's not just that comedy becomes unfunny, it's a signpost that freedom of speech is truly gone.

Comedy is just one highly visible aspect of the war on liberty. But because it's visible, that means we have a means to fend of cancel culture.

Maybe it's the case that some elite group wants to comportmentalize us into such small groups who are destined to fight each other with legal means, with cancel culture and whatever else we can, just so we whittle away our own freedom to the point that we are powerless to stop anything. Maybe. It doesn't really matter. The reason it's happening doesn't matter at this point. What matters is that we do fight off cancel culture because not only will it eat the right and the left, it will eat everything, ending off with liberty.

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