March 18, 2022

Russell Brand defends himself

Russell Brand, having talked to the likes of Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan has awakened (not become 'woke') in the sense of being Red-pilled.  Because of that, he's under attack from the mainstream media (aka the woke leftists).  Here he spends some time defending himself.

This is important because it's working the way conservatives want, not the way the leftists, mainstream media, elites and woke want.  I watch a fair number of reaction videos for entertainment and I find the trend there interestingly similar. A lot of younger people, and a lot of African American people have gone from reacting to music, to movies (to avoid copyright strikes) to now reacting to the likes of Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson.  And they are awakening to reality.  They are inadvertently red-pilling themselves. It's a similar trajectory to Russell Brand's journey/awakening.

It's funny how truth eventually works it's way out of the fog of lies.

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