March 15, 2022

Mitt Romney moves left of Tulsi Gabbard

I apologize for ever supporting this guy.  I did so out of obligation, because I thought Obama was far worse.  Apparently not, too many of those in Washington D.C. are exactly the same, regardless of political party.  I'm not saying get rid of them all, there are quite a few good politicians who want to do the right thing.  Tulsi Gabbard, is one such example.  Although she's a Democrat, at least she wants to do the right thing. If the election was between her and Romney, I'd take her over a dozen Mitt Romneys any day.

This doesn't mean I've moved left and would start supporting Democrats, it's merely a realization of two things: (1) not all Republicans deserve our support, so we should work hard to ensure our nominees are solid for ANY political position.  And (2) some Democrats are reasonable and intelligent and want the best for the country despite being Democrats.  They sadly, are a small minority in that cabal.

Maybe we could trade Romney for Gabbard?


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