February 22, 2022

Russia invades Ukraine. Let's Go Brandon's response? More sanctions.

Let's Go Brandon is in this fight for political purposes only.  Putin is not in this for all of the Ukraine, just as much as he thinks he can without any serious pushback.  Well he's not getting any serious pushback from Europe, because he's not getting any serious pushback from Let's Go Brandon.  He's not even talking tough. 

Let the stock market tank.  Let inflation soar.  Let Canada fail. Let's Go Brandon is afraid to do anything, and even afraid to say anything. My grandmother could have said something or done something more forceful, and she's unfortunately, dead.

I honestly think Let's Go Brandon was selling this whole misadventure as 'Putin will take all of Ukraine' so that when Putin doesn't do just that, Let's Go Brandon can proclaim a win for his tough sanctions.  Putin is smart enough to see that and will stop just short enough to allow Let's Go Brandon to claim his victory and help him try to win another four years as president so that Putin can then go after the Baltic states like Estonia. Let's Go Brandon is a patsy.  He's a patsy for Democrats, he's a patsy for Putin. He's weak and effete. He's pathetic.  Canada has a tougher leader in the smug self-righteous and ham-fisted Justin Trudeau.

There you go America.  This is who you selected as leader of America and the free world. I hope you're proud.

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