February 19, 2022

Let's Go Brandon's misdirection

The Let's Go Brandon administration keeps ringing alarm bells on Russia's 'imminent invasion' of the Ukraine.  Why? And also, why?

Why is he warning us instead of warning Russia not to do so? And why is he so worried about freedom in the Ukraine when freedom next door in Canada is being trampled?

Does he have actual intel? His previous 'intel' indicate that February 16th was the day of a Russian invasion. It's possible that there will be an invasion.  It's also possible there won't be. Either way, the Let's Go Brandon's handling of the situation has been beyond fathomable, and entirely inept. No one, not even Let's Go Brandon could be this clueless on how to deal with this situation. So one can only surmise that this 'response' has been deliberate.  Either he's preparing the West to do nothing about a Russian invasion of the Ukraine, or he's preparing for a war with Russia (perhaps as a distraction from everything else that is going on in America), or else he desperately doesn't want to have to deal with a peaceful protest in Canada gaining traction there let alone anywhere else.  Or perhaps it's some combination of the above.  In any case, it's yet more bumbling and not actual leadership coming out of Washington.  And it's no surprise.

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