August 20, 2021

Is the GOP full of liberal sleeper agents?

We know there are RINOs.   We know there are weak-willed Republicans afraid to do anything that rocks the boat.  We know there are establishment Republicans who are driven by money rather than principle.  All of these combine to make the party vastly less effective than it could, and should, be.  Here's the question though - is the GOP full of liberal/Democrat sleeper agents?  At times it really, really seems to be the case.

How else would you explain this (via Gateway Pundit):

Pennsylvania Republican Senate leader Jake Corman has squashed Doug Mastriano’s quest for an audit of the PA 2020 election results.
Senator Mastriano put up a video on his Facebook page blaming the “powers that be” for keeping his committee from meeting and issuing subpoenas. The video was subsequently taken down.

This despite some pretty convincing evidence that president Trump actually won the state. Why, as a Republican would you stand in the way of exposing this? Is the GOP that obsequious?  Or are Democrats in Republican clothing infiltrating the Republican party at all levels, rising through the ranks, and making decisions contrary to conservative beliefs?

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