July 23, 2021

When Common Sense is no longer an advantage

Common sense is in such short supply that it is no longer a political advantage.  Educational institutions, the government, the media, the entertainment industry, Big Tech,  and now big business have abandon common sense for wokeness. The last refuge of common sense is the little guy.  How long do you think that will last with everything stacked against us?  That's not to say we will abandon common sense, but we may end up having to avoid it, or using it to counter shrill wokeness blasting in our faces as if it were a maelstrom. 

I have come to praise common sense, not bury it though.  While it is increasingly in societal remission, it is worthy of our protection.  But it is no longer a tool, it is an asset to be protected.  What works instead is emotion.  Elicit a gut response.  The Left does this so effectively that it seems like every outlandish issue or cause seems like a coordinated attack on reason because the response to it is so broad.

What if it isn't coordination?  What if it is a Pavlovian conditioned response to a supposed evil?  What if the Alinsky tactics have been honed so well by the Left that it has become a snowball that can no longer be controlled?

We are not helpless in the face of this threat.  We can still bring people to common sense even while it is a longer journey these days.  The trick is to get to the starting point.  Gut reactions.  And further, the trick is to get there before the Democrats and progressives do, so that we can set the language, set the tone, and set the framing of the grievance. By all means do not abandon reason, you need it.  That IS indeed an advantage to possess.  But it is not a communication advantage, it is a detriment. Start instead by using phrases like "unfair practices", "unsafe", "killing innocent Americans".  That will get attention.

And if the media hear that they will respond and feature it, allowing Pavlovian conditioning to work for the Right.  By the time they have figured out they are steering people towards common sense and start bashing whatever "it" we are talking about, they will look smug, dismissive or out of touch by turning their back on a pressing social issue.  It will work a few times at least.  And it sets a different path for the Right in bringing common sense back to America, indeed to Western society instead of this woke self-loathing death spiral it now finds itself engulfed in.

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