July 26, 2021

Should people flee the cities now

 How this (below) plays into that:

Check out the link above.  The problem with people fleeing the cities is that it may be exactly NOT what the country needs, even though it makes sense on an individual basis.  Regardless of whether that is a realistic scenario, clearly there is a paradigm shift happening in America and it's interesting to see what the various theories about it are.

Is there a real shift towards conservatism happening in minority communities and the outlandish Democrat policies we see are a desperate reaction to that?  Are conservatives blindly unaware that we are a coming permanent minority doomed to persecution? Is the Build Back Better effort really a part of the World Economic Forum's communist Great Reset? Is hyperinflation coming? Is China less quietly than before, taking over the world?

Not only are the theories interesting, the consequences are potentially life altering.

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