July 9, 2021

Inflation is coming

I've been telling my friends this for about 8 months now, inflation is coming.  It's inevitable.  You could even say it's already here.  But it's going to get worse.

When approximately 30% of all the currency in circulation in the U.S. has been printed since COVID, that's a recipe for inflation. Guaranteed.  The same is true for other countries, although I did an analysis on the top 12 economies and the United States was the worst for money printing since the beginning of 2020.  

Normally inflation gets reported, but there are ways to hide it and it is being hidden from you so that those in the know (mostly the wealthy) can hedge against it before it's too late.  By the time you find out there will be shortages and rapidly rising prices everywhere.  My local Walmart just raised bread prices by just under 50%.  That doesn't just happen by accident.

Tim Pool discusses it further, below:

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