April 6, 2021

What's behind this weird development? My Rush Limbaugh style take on it.

Tim Pool posted a video on YouTube yesterday pointing out that swing Democrats are panicking after AOC donated to them. He argues that Democrats know that AOC is toxic to the Democratic party.

The real question about this, as Rush Limbaugh would point out is this: Why is AOC donating to swing state Democrats? There are two possibilities as far as I can see:

(1) She's an establishment Democrat (or has become one) and wants to keep Democrats in power.
(2) she's hoping it will create a backlash, and cause them to lose in 2022 so that she can support more progressive candidates in those districts in 2024 (as Tim points out).
(3) The Democrats are behind it - they are deliberately providing swing state Democrats the chance to disavow AOC and distance themselves, thus disavowing the notion that they are aligned with her and cementing their status as moderates.

Keep in mind the donations were unsolicited by the swing state Democrats and unsanctioned by the Democratic National Congressional Committee. Regardless of AOC's actions, swing district Democrats would be wise to return the money and disavow her.

But here's where I think Tim draws the wrong conclusion.  He thinks she's been shrewd about her moves.  He believes the first possibility listed above is the right one.  I personally don't believe the three options are entirely mutually exclusive.  Any combination or in fact all three could be true.

Here's what I think - the third possibility is definitely true.  Democrats may be weak on policy, they are not weak on politicking.  There is no way the DNCC would not have known about this ahead of time.  They have a congressional whip, they have rules governing members.  They have expectations of their members.  They knew about this and therefore want to afford swing state Democrats the chance to distance themselves from the progressive agenda.  And if possibility #3 is true, then AOC is working with the DNCC, making possibility #1 also true.  And neither of those preclude possibility #2 also being true, or perhaps a possibility #4.

AOC could secretly be working with the DNCC but still hoping to see those Democrats lose so she can make a stronger argument for more progressive candidates on the ballot in 2024.


Possibility #4 - those Democrats are all willing to support whatever agenda if they get re-elected through this chicanery.  They are either secretly progressive (as Rush Limbaugh believed) or so dedicated to the status quo power and want to continue their gravy train ride that they will support whatever is presented, so long as they remain part of the congress. 

Either way it doesn't matter.  This is a stunt, designed with the sole purpose of retaining congressional power for Democrats.  How they use, any in-fighting that comes out of it, is inconsequential.  As long as they win, that's all that matters.

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