April 26, 2021

Rules for Patriots: Rule #5 example

This morning I was listening to Alex Marlow hosting Breitbart News Daily on Sirius XM Radio.  He was talking to a guest about public schools in Los Angeles and the wokeness being taught there.  The tactic for patriots has been to either (a) put your kids in private school (which most people cannot afford to do) or (b) complain (which does nothing). A new tactic is needed to address this.

In my Rules for Patriots series, Rule #5 was improve your arsenal (of tactics). Clearly a new tactic is required.  Combine that with the Left's philosophy of never letting a crisis go to waste, during COVID there is a perfect opportunity here that is being missed. A strike.

If Patriots removed their kids from schools in protest of the agenda being taught, not just in Los Angeles but statewide in California, until the concern is addressed, it would result in an attendance drop of at least 30%, perhaps as much as 40% statewide.  That is unsustainable from a cost perspective for the schools and the state.  A few days won't matter, it would take months.

But COVID has presented an opportunity to do that with limited repercussions for parents and students. The tactic has not been tried and the opportunity is there.  It cannot work any less effectively than what has been tried so far.  So...?

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