March 31, 2021

Shut up and play

I followed the NFL far less than in the past in 2020.  The wokeness combined with COVID-emptied stadiums just made it uninteresting for me. I'm not sure that my interest will recover.  But the political aspect of things is interesting to me. 

Players apparently don't like it. They agreed to it in the last collective bargaining agreement. I feel like shut up and play still applies.  I may not have felt that way prior to the NFL woke era. Injuries are a legitimate concern after all.  But now I am far less sympathetic.  Players and teams adjusted when the season changed from 14 to 16 games.  And the rosters grew too so players can share the workload a little more. And just like I don't need to hear Robert De Niro blabbering about president Trump (shut up and act), I don't much care about what the players or owners have to say.  Shut up and play before you lose everyone completely.

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