February 16, 2021

Cuomo's NY nursing home massacre

The left is so convinced there is no more right side Res Publica and they have started turning on their own because to the left, politics is blood sport and the true enemy is anyone who isn't 'me'.  While it is good to watch the left eat itself, it should be a lesson to weak-kneed RINOs like those who voted to impeach Trump for two reasons; (i) it should show you who you are aligned with and how quickly you will be torn to shreds when you are no longer useful to them and (ii) in order for conservatives to fight back against this savage political machine is to harden themselves and do the same, meaning they are coming for you RINOs too.  You have no allies in truth.

Tim Pool savages NY governor Cuomo over killing people in nursing homes over COVID-19.  Yes Cuomo's defense will try to pin this on Trump.  It won't work.  And frankly, it's good to see Cuomo twist in the wind for what he did.

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