December 30, 2020

Canadian election methodological superiority

I'm Canadian. When I go vote, I get a voter registration card in the mail.  It instructs me to bring photo ID. I cast a paper ballot and my name gets crossed off the registered voter list for my riding (district).  Voting opens roughly a week ahead of time on certain days for those unable to vote on election day. In that case the process is still the same as election day voting. As a voting system, it's archaic and it works.  If you take that instead of glorifying our inferior health care system, you'd be getting somewhere America.  Maybe add in observers from both parties at all polling locations, and a dispute mechanism, you'd be fine.  Right now what you have in America is a mess.

Of course that's not true everywhere, many states have their act together. A decentralized system of government and states' rights and all that are a good thing.  But it also enables bad actors to distort things in places where it can make a difference.  I give you the election of 2020 as an example.

If it is Constitutionally feasible, I'd recommend creating a federal law that while allowing states to manage the specifics of their electoral processes, requires a minimum standard be reached for the state's electoral votes to be included in federal elections.

Just a thought.

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