October 1, 2020

Maybe I wasn't wrong about the debate.

 I said this, then Tim Pool said this, making me think possibly I was wrong.  Nope. Ben Shapiro sides with me on the net effect of the cluster**** of a debate:

I think the big loser in this is Chris Wallace.  He did a terrible job, by any measure, he was uneven in his treatment of the two men (to be kind about it) and he did not control the debate nor step out of the way.  He tried to control the debate and kept interrupting but never gained control.  So he did not accomplish an open debate forum and he did not  keep both men to stick to the rules. He was less than impartial, and somehow seemed to be a co-debater of Trump along with Joe Biden.

None of that matters in the Rorschach test of a debate.  People saw what they were expecting to see on both sides; their man won or nobody won.  Anyone not decided was not persuaded by this fiasco.  That said, Trump held his own, and Biden cleared the low expectations hurdle.  But that's not a win for either man.

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