June 15, 2020

Mob Rule does not work

America's founders set up the entire political system brilliantly.  They wanted to avoid a concentration of power like that which was seen in monarchies.  But that was not about which all they were concerned.  They were clearly worried about majority tyranny (mob rule).  If the majority of the country felt there was a need to impose a death penalty for something as trivial as a different opinion on gender identification, that does not make the implementation of legislation to execute those who believe that there are only two genders.  The American government was set up to prevent the majority from oppressing minorities as much as it was set up to prevent the government from oppressing the people.  Currently it seems to be largely failing on both counts.

As an aside, the notion that there are only two genders is still a majority opinion, despite what the media would have you believe.

Mob rule is dangerous, typically violent and unhealthy for society.  And yet with a section of Seattle free from police, the state and local governments have done nothing to restore law and order.  It's appalling.

With the president looking to step in, the local whack-job of a mayor seems more concerned about the legality of that than of the lawlessness within her city.

I am not usually prone to using ad hominem attacks, but that is just moronic. She's a failure as a mayor and has no sense of the legality of the situation.

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