June 26, 2020

Joe Biden has killed more Americans

Back in the primaries, Joe Biden claimed 150 million American were killed by guns.  Yesterday he said 120 million Americans have been killed by COVID-19.  That's 270 million dead Americans, in a country with a population in the 310 million range that's 87% of the American population killed by those two causes.



This is the man Democrats want to lead the country?  This is the man the media is pushing?  C'mon Man!

I'm pretty sure he knows those numbers are not correct.  They were probably just slip ups.  But even that is concerning because he''s made the same basic math mistake more than once.  That means either:

(1)  he's deliberately lying to win more votes from the uninformed,
(2)  he's really unaware of the facts,
(3)  he's not all there,
(4)  he's a histrionic exaggerator (one of the things Democrats claim to hate about Trump), or
(5)  he's just prone to making a lot of gaffes

In any of those scenarios is that someone you want with their finger on the nuclear trigger of the most powerful military in the history of the world?  The dangerous nature of him being commander in chief genuinely scares me.

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