June 4, 2020

How you know protests are astroturf

When Black Lives Matter protests happen in the U.K. because of a police incident in America.

That's not to say that George Floyd wasn't killed by a police officer and that doesn't deserve to be treated as a criminal matter. There is justification to be upset about what happened. But to draw conclusions about motivation at this point is far too early, it needs to go to court. Everyone should be worried about over-aggressive policing, not just African Americans. That's a concern about humanity. And if racism is involved in the George Floyd it needs to be addressed. But to extrapolate about systemic racism is yet another ridiculous leap. A crime appears to have happened. It needs to be dealt with.

But when BLM in another country reacts, you know there is some sort of pre-planned coordination going on.  When people who were dragging those who protested about opening their businesses stand out and applaud those who are clearly not social distancing in order to protest the police, you know there's also a double standard.

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